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As a 17 year old student Aleksander had a big dream- he wanted to devote his life to helping others. He chose to study in USA and become a doctor. In the 11th grade of high school Aleksander joined SAT preparation course at EDUN Academy. With the help of his college admission counselor Aleksander developed a study programm aimed at preparing him for successful application to the TOP American universities. After few months he scored SAT at 2050 pints and along with his extracurricular activities, above-the-average GPA and exceptional Personal Essay Aleksander was accepted to New York University (New York City campus) and was offered 50% reduction in the tuition.


Eversince Anh entered junior High School he wanted to be a successful businessman and work on the Wall Street. With a full support of his father, Anh decided to pursue this goal by studying in USA and in 12th grade he joined EDUN Academy asking for college admission assistance. He took an intensive SAT preparation course and only after 3 months Anh scored nearly 2000 points. After complimentary college counselling process Anh successfully submitted application documents to several american universities. One of them was St. Mary's College of California, ranked 5th in Business Colleges by Forbes. He was accepted and received scholarship around $30 000/yearly.
In his sophomore year Anh already got internships offers from some Investment Banks during on-campus job fairs.
Anh is already a prospective businessman. Like is his father.




Sat Exam Structure is very non-standard one:

— It lasts around 4 hours and 30 min for 10 sections
— Consists of three different section types -each  section type appears on the exam three times in random order
— One section is called experimental and is not scored

Section types:
— Critical Reading - Often claimed among SAT students the most demanding section. Critical reading tests students language comprehension, especially vocabulary base and the ability to properly understand the underlying logic and intentions behind sentences
— Writing - On contrary to Critical reading, this part of SAT exam is called the most pleasant and not-causing-trouble part. It comprises the two types of exercises; firstly student is asked to write a short essay, which always opens the SAT Examination and the secondly student deals with a multiple choice question section that tests not only knowledge of grammar, style but also writing organization skills (Standard Written English)
— Maths - This section tests student knowledge of basic mathematical concepts found in algebra, arithmetic’s, data analysis, probability and geometry. Math questions are usually based on real-life application of mathematical concepts

Now some information about the score:
— The maximum amount of points student can get for SAT test is 2400, 800 points for each of three sections mentioned above
— The result that every prospective student should aspire to achieve is over 1900 p. This score guarantees matching the minimum standardized test score requirements for the most prestigious American universities, even for Ivy League colleges

Students eligibility
Students who wish to take SAT are at different levels of language proficiency. Following individual needs we offer different course types:
— Students with language proficiency B1 or lower attend at longer and more intensive courses
— Students who have already a good command of English (B2/C2) can crush the test after basic courses

SAT Subject Tests
The SAT 1 is not the only exam that is compulsory to pass when matching the college requirements.  There are also SAT Subject Tests that are required by most of top American universities. Those are tests of school subjects such as following: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, World History, languages tests and many others. Usually colleges require students to pass two of them. Edun’s students receive comprehensive help with SAT Subject Tests preparation process.


Teaching materials
Anything that is necessary during the course, that means books, Kaplan novels, additional materials, students receive from their SAT tutor. All those study aids are complementary to EDUN’s students.

SAT Subject Tests
EDUN’s students receive comprehensive advice with choosing right SAT Subject Tests as well as complimentary assistance in tests preparation process.

College Counseling

The most formal activity during the whole admission process is completion of the application forms. Within this process students:
— write Personal Essays
— select the list of desired American universities that offer scholarship opportunities to international students
— create and collect application documents like: letters of recommendations, transcripts of high school records, personal portfolio’s, etc.

Each of EDUN’s students receive complementary College Counseling assistance.


SAT preparation course coordinator

Maciej holds Master’s Degree in Business Management and has graduated from University of Warsaw and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Throughout his educational and professional career Maciej has completed numerous English language courses and cooperated with various college counselling companies. With his entrepreneurial approach and deep understanding of university admission process, Maciej designed and implemented world-class SAT preparation course that helped many students get acceptance to institutions like New York University or Villanova University. As a co-founder of EDUN Academy, Maciej is deeply committed in providing students with exceptional SAT examination skills that ensure acceptance to the most prestigious universities in USA. His main responsibility is to oversee and supervise all SAT prep-courses and train EDUN’s teachers.


— manage to achieve 1900-2300 points on SAT test, on average
— is accepted to an elite American university ranked within TOP 50 universities in National Ranking
— is awarded scholarship that amounts between 50% - 80% off from student’s tuition



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