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As a 17 year old student Aleksander had a big dream- he wanted to devote his life to helping others. He chose to study in USA and become a doctor. In the 11th grade of high school Aleksander joined SAT preparation course at EDUN Academy. With the help of his college admission counselor Aleksander developed a study programm aimed at preparing him for successful application to the TOP American universities. After few months he scored SAT at 2050 pints and along with his extracurricular activities, above-the-average GPA and exceptional Personal Essay Aleksander was accepted to New York University (New York City campus) and was offered 50% reduction in the tuition.

Eversince Anh entered junior High School he wanted to be a successful businessman and work on the Wall Street. With a full support of his father, Anh decided to pursue this goal by studying in USA and in 12th grade he joined EDUN Academy asking for college admission assistance. He took an intensive SAT preparation course and only after 3 months Anh scored nearly 2000 points. After complimentary college counselling process Anh successfully submitted application documents to several american universities. One of them was St. Mary's College of California, ranked 5th in Business Colleges by Forbes. He was accepted and received scholarship around $30 000/yearly.
In his sophomore year Anh already got internships offers from some Investment Banks during on-campus job fairs.
Anh is already a prospective businessman. Like is his father.



Successful college application to the best American or British universities requires prospective students to pass college admission standardised tests like SAT, TSA, BMAT.or UKCAT or A-LEVELS.

When applying for undergraduate studies at American universities students are obliged to pass American standardised tests (SAT) regardless of their nationality or age. This exams consists of the overall SAT 1 test as well as multiple SAT subject tests.
SAT 1 examination aims to evaluate each student in 3 key competences:
· mathematicas
· writing
· critical reading

Student can receive up to 2400 points from the whole SAT 1 exam, but usually minimum of 1800--2000 points is sufficient for a successful college application to the best american universities.

When applying for undergraduate programs at British universities students have to take a new test that is different to any other taken before. The questions examine how student think and apply scientific knowledge. BMAT exam is an entry exam for medicine, veterinary and associated field of study at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London and the Royal Veterinary College. It consists of 2-hour exam form divided into three parts:
· Section 1: problem solving and data handling, critical thinking and comprehension
· Section 2 : application of scientific knowledge
· Section 3: Student produces an effective piece of writing for one one the topic.

Every student who wants to study Economy, Politics and other associated field of study is required to undertake TSA exam. This particular pen and paper test assess the ability of individuals to think critically and reason analytically. Thinking Skills Assessment consists of three different parts:
· Section 1: 50 Questions that include 25 questions connected with problem solving and 25 critical thinking questions. The time allowed is 90 minutes and every student has to consider timing yourself against high level of performance.
· Section 2: Writing task requirement that checks style, structure and use of critical thinking skills. The essay must be well-reasoned piece of work in 30 minutes time allowed. Student is provided with three essay questions from which he selects only one to complete.

The UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) is a 2-hour exam introduced by the majority of the other medical school in the United Kingdom. It is administrated in test centres around the country and is computer based. The sections of the UKCAT are:
· Verbal Reasoning (22 minutes): Comprehension and inference.
· Quantitative Reasoning (22 minutes): Calculations and data handling.
· Abstract Reasoning (16 minutes): Spatial problem solving.
· Decision Analysis (30 minutes): Decoding and encoding messages.
· Non- Cognitive Analysis (30 minutes): Psychometric test in a questionnaire style.
These serve as a summary, and you are encourage to look at the official website for both these tests for the latest up to date information.

A levels are a qualification which are used to gain entrance to a university in Great Britain. Students who undertake this programme are obliged to study for two years. The number of A-level exams taken by students can vary. Three subjects are usually the minimum number of A-levels required for university entrance.








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